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Harmony Electric Candle Warmer Black

Harmony Electric Candle Warmer Black

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An amazing electric candle warmer you’ll love how it diffuses fragrance without the unsightly soot, creating a classic, warmer, and cozier atmosphere in your home. Plug it in, place your candle on the warming plate, and let the warmer do the rest.

  • Highly efficient and economical.
  • Melts wax slowly, allowing fragrance to linger longer.
  • Enjoy your favorite scents for hours.
  • Provides great value for your money.
  • Flame-free option for a safer environment.
  • Easy plug and dimmable light feature for added convenience.
  • Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home with ease.

Material: Metal

Dimension: 6.5"D x 6.5"W x 12.6"H

Light source: GU10 50w

Special Feature: Dimmable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Love the candle warmer

I love to burn candles, but they can be expensive when you burn through them quickly. I saw this candle warmer and figured, why not? Besides screwing on the provided light bulb, there was no installation. I placed my favorite new candle under the bulb, selected the 8 hour function, and sat back to enjoy the smell. I cannot believe how great this thing works. It melts the candle and the wick stays perfectly upright. I was worried it may sink in the melted wax, but it does not. The wax has not gone down at all like it does with regular burning. I'm shook! I don't even want to calculate all the money I've wasted burning candles when I could have been warming them instead! It's incredible. The timer function is fantastic too so you can set and forget. Bonus points that it looks very chic on my bookshelf too. This product will definitely be purchased for my friends and family.


Wonderful! Appreciate that it prevents soot, no to wick-trimming again. This is absolutely wonderful.

Truly Remarkable

Truly remarkable and not only does it have a cute aesthetic that enhances any decor, but it also effectively evens out all my candles that had previously tunneled due to wick burning.


Approved! Recently purchased this product in black, and while it does heat up nicely, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of aroma from my candle. Maybe it was the brand of candle, Im not sure. I do plan to try another candle and see if that makes a difference. I must say that the warmer itself is beautiful and definitely functions as intended.

Incredible and User friendly

This product is incredibly user-friendly and functions exceptionally well. As someone who dislikes having flames in the house, this candle warmer is simply amazing as it allows me to enjoy burning candles without the presence of fire.